Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hokkaido Snacks

Received these snacks from Hokkaido as gifts from mum's friend.

First off is the best fruit gummy I've ever had. These lovely gummy came in the shape of the fruit that they each represent. Besides looking like the real thing, they also smell and taste great.

Every single time I open one, I will smell the fragrance and then enjoy the taste, flavour and texture of the gummy. :D

Next up is the Shiroikoibito which I think many people are familiar with.

Tada~! 2 lovely pieces of cookies with a layer of white chocolate in the middle is just heavenly~!

Oh and lastly, this little red packet here which contains little crispy prawn crackers that is packed full with flavours! Yum~ I love them so much~!!!

These above are definitely some snacks to look out for while in Hokkaido~!

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