Saturday, March 14, 2015

Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki party

Every year we have okonomiyaki and takoyaki party at Japanese school

All of us would gather at the front desk or common area, help to set up the equipments and then prepare the batter. All the sensei are really nice, they would usually have washed and shredded the cabbages, cut the seafood into small pieces and prepare all the necessary condiments.

All we had to do was appear, chose to help our or not and EAT!!!
This is sensei demonstrating how to prepare the takoyaki Osaka style!

Fill up the pan with the batter

Add in what ever filling you want - tako, sausages or crab stick, then top it with various condiments such as seaweed and ginger.After one side cooks, just turn them over and form them into round little balls~

This here is the pan for cooking okonomiyaki. No pictures from here onwards because I was busy cooking.

But basically it's almost the same as the takoyaki, except that this batter is mixed with the shredded cabbages.

After cooking, just top both the takoyaki and okonomiyaki with their respective sauces, ao nori, katsuobushi and mayo~!!!! 


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