Saturday, April 18, 2015

Arrival & Pancake Parlour

Arrived at Melbourne in the middle of the night and I'm so thankful for Pancy who came to pick me up!!!

After picking me up, she brought me for supper at this place called Pancake Parlour~ 

The menu

We both had the short stack pancakes~

Here's the lovely Pancy~

We ordered the lemongrass and ginger tea~ 

First time seeing this brand of tea~

Here's mine, with chocolate ice cream~

And here's Pancy's with whipped cream~

Even though it's like 2am, we're still happy~

The pancakes here may look simple and plain but OMG!!!! they're so fluffy!!! Definitely one of the best I've had especially when you pair that with maple syrup!!!! The best part of all - free flow of  maple syrup!!!

Here's mine drenched in maple syrup! The hot pancake goes so well with the cold ice cream~!!! Not very healthy especially in the middle of the night but it's super good!



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