Monday, April 6, 2015

Bubble & Bites, Genting

Bubble & Bites is probably my favourite restaurant in Genting.

I like the fact that their food is delicious and the prices are relatively fair. Plus the fact that I can work on my laptop comfortably.

Here's some of the things we tried:

Carbonara with Salmon
I love this as the fettuccine was cooked just right and the carbonara sauce tasted good. Also the salmon was good too.

Ethopian chicken
An interesting looking dish that I did not get to try but the portions look huge! I think I shall have to share this with a friend if I do order this in the future.

Chicken schnitzel
Another dish with a huge portion. The chicken was breaded and fried nicely. I find it interesting that they serve it with butter.

Carbonara Pizza
Love thin crusted pizza as always! Can never go wrong with pizza~

Overall, food there is usually good no matter what you order. Definitely worth a try~

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