Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cupcakes from Bakery

Received these lovely Strawberry cream cheese cupcake from KK-san the night after I have lend him a helping hand the night before. 

He was seriously too kind. He didn't have to get us anything.

This was probably from my 2nd week of work where I went to help him one night when I was supposed to join Miss MC and her friends for steamboat in her room. However, it took longer than expected and I only managed to join them for the last round.

KK-san knew that I was supposed to be joining Miss MC for steamboat and felt bad that he had took some of our time so he gave us these cupcakes the next day~

Arigatou~ we had them after our early dinner at Bubbles & Bites and truly enjoyed them!! It was truly such a sweet gesture. Plus, it really came as a surprise, we both just entered the hall after lunch and when we walked in, he quickly ran backstage and brought these for us. 


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