Thursday, May 28, 2015

Home-made Bah Kut Teh

It was almost like Bah Kut Teh week for me 2 weeks ago. I have introduced ST san to this delicacy while he was here and before him and the crew left, I brought 10 packets of spice mix for those who are interested so that they could cook it back in Japan.

ST san who has been a fan of this dish ever since he first tried it sent me pictures of what he had made with japanese ingredients like aburaage instead of taufupok, but it looked amazing. So I was craving to have some too.....

Also, apparently dark soy sauce is not available in it might make a great souvenir from Malaysia. Lol~

Then a few days later mummy cooked 1 huge pot!!! Not this small clay pot here.....That huge pot was enough to feed at least 20 people. So that means, I have been eating left overs for the next 2 days....hahaha, it's not that bad, as it's only repeating the same meal once a day.

Naturally, I had to snap some pics to show ST san how we Malaysians do it. e.g. with fried crullers and dark soy sauce with garlic. Also, I had to mess up the dish to show that we not only use ribs but also some internal organs, etc.'s like showing, 'It's still best to have it here in Malaysia~!"

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