Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jyu Raku, SS15

Went to Jyu Raku at SS15 one Sunday afternoon with Dad, which was rare as Dad doesn't really like Japanese food.

After a good experience here previously, I had to come back again.

Was craving for some good salmon sashimi so I ordered this sanshoku sashimi platter and added on a bowl of sushi rice.

A closer look at the salmon.....yummy~ Love the texture of it, especially the salmon belly!

Dad doesn't eat anything raw, so this is his order of a tendon lunch set which came with miso soup, chawan mushi and fruits. The tempura were lovely and Dad enjoyed his meal a lot! Another plus for trying to brain wash Dad into loving japanese food!

We also ordered a salmon teppanyaki to be shared. The salmon was ok, but I absolutely love the teppan cabbages! They were super sweet~!! This would really go well with a bowl of warm rice~!!!

Lastly, to wash everything down, a nice little ball of black sesame ice cream with red bean paste on top.

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