Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bonbori + Tipsy Brew O' coffee, Setia Walk

Sea witch and I bought a groupon voucher for Bonbori at Setia Walk.

Sea witch's huge set which came with so many things! Salad, hotate, chuka wakame, potato salada, chawan mushi, miso soup, salmon sashimi, tempura, a chicken dish and rice! Definitely worth the price~

Meanwhile, I ordered an array of various items such as tempura....

salmon mentai.....

hotate mentaiyaki......

soft shell crab sushi platter.....

Lol~ not a very good combination of dishes as they all contained mentai mayo and hence, I felt jelak at the end of the meal.

Overall the food was good so we were very happy with the meal. Maybe just not order my combination of dishes, unless you are planning to share!

Next up was desserts for me and coffee for sea witch at Tipsy Brew O'. Been here so many times with different group of friends. I think I've tried almost all their ice cream flavours.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 2: Back at CBD - Moomba Festival & Dion

Arrived back in CBD right and off we went to the Moomba Festival, which is Australia's largest community festival, that runs from the 6th to 9th of March.

Fancy a game?

There were many food stalls!!! But no.....I'm saving my tummy for Greek food! 

You might not be able to see it but there were a large number of people seated on the other side of the river on the grass.

Wanted to grab dinner at Stalactites but the queue was super long, so we entered another Greek restaurant nearby - Dion~

Address: 205-207 Lonsdale Street (between Russell and Swanston Streets Melbourne VIC 3000

The owner was super friendly and the service was good~

We ordered the Tarama dip (Fish roe blended with fresh lemon juice & olive oil) (AUD7.50)

Pita bread (AUD2/ serving)

Omg~ it's the first time I had Greek food and it was DELICIOUS!!!! While I don't like thick bread, the pita bread went so well with the tarama dip!!! *salivates*

Vegetarian Mousaka which is a traditional Greek recipe of eggplant, potato, zucchini & capsicum layers topped with béchamel (AUD22)

Looks like lasagna and tasted super good! :D

Dion's seafood saganaki, which is made up of a pan fried selection of fillet of fish, prawns, calamari, & mussels in fresh tomato sauce & melted mild chilli feta (AUD36.50)

Had to order this because I absolutely love seafood and this is the best dish of the night!!! Delectable~!!!! <3

After this meal, I 100% fell in love with Greek food~ why hadn't I discover you sooner?

I need to know where I can get good Greek food in Malaysia!

We just finished dinner and was on the tram when it was around 9.30pm and we managed to catch the fireworks from the Moomba Festival from the tram.

 A great end to the day~ :D

Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 2: Port Campbell & Red Rock Lookout Point


We initially wanted to grab lunch at another place but I guess it's a very popular place because there was no seats for us and there was a queue.

So we settled for Waves instead.
Address: 29 Lord Street Port Campbell 3269 Vic Australia

Some anti-social time as we waited for the food to arrive.

My hot chocolate~

Yummy mussels with garlic bread

Crispy fried squid with rocket salad. 

Some home-made ice cream~

Then off we went again~

We stopped by the Red Rock Lookout which offered amazing views of Victoria’s crater lakes.
Address and GPS Coordinates Red Rock Lookout, Corangamite Lake Road, Alvie Lat: -38.247861990862 Lng: 143.50488781929 

Yin looks extremely happy here~ A great weather paired with magnificent views definitely lifts one's mood.

Was sextremely happy that we stopped by there!

Not sure if it's the lighting there or the background, but every single shot that we took there looks superb!

Can't help but feel like a kid again~

Jump fail~!!! hahahaha

Faking it~




The incredible two~

Super in love with all the shots taken there!

An extremely huge car park and we were the only ones there~!! :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This has been trending on fb recently. I decided to try it myself and this is what I got.

Clumsiness......Seriously!?? *sigh* 

Hanamaru Udon, Yoshinoya, Nana's Green tea

I've never really liked udon because the ones they I've tried previously didn't taste that nice. However, I still decided to give Hanamaru Udon a try as they're newly opened in Midvalley and it looks pretty decent.

I ordered a bowl of hot udon with an onsen egg plus or vegetable kakiage.

The udon was surprisingly good. I enjoyed the chewiness of the noodles with the broth and onsen egg. The kakiage was crispy on the outside but super floury on the inside and a very oily.

Went there with Moon and while I was queuing for food at Hanamaru Udon, she was at Yoshinoya and ordered a beef curry topped with an onsen egg.

Their curry was yummy and a bit on the spicy side. hahaha.....not sure if it's made to Malaysian taste but I can't really take spicy food so while it was spicy to me, Moon thought that it wasn't spicy at all.

After that, it was time for some desserts........since it was a japanese food kind of day for us, Nana's Green Tea!!!

Moon and her green tea ice cream cone

She looks happy so it must've been good~

And me, my favourite from Nana's, the kanten slushy~!!! <3

Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 2: Twelve Apostles

Yay~ The twelve apostles.....so happy to be finally here! 

The 2 day drive, all just to be here~

The view was magnificent~!! Nature is truly amazing!!

The wind was super strong when we were there. It felt as though the wind was almost strong enough to blow me away. Hence I had my hair in a very unglamorous bun to keep my hair in place.

Super envious when I saw pictures that my friends too when they were there at about the same time as I was too. They all looked good in the pictures, neat hair with a nice background and all~ But mine? So not glam!!!!

These beautiful shots were snapped by Pancy!]

I couldn't share any of mine here because all the pictures that I took had my fingers in them!!! Travelled so many hours just to be there and I took a bunch of crappy pictures~ ARRRgggghh!!!!!

Why~ why~ why did I decide to put my hair in a bun like this! I wished I had more better looking pictures. Sigh~

Oh, here's 2 pictures that were snapped by me!

Yes!!!! Finally one nice pic!!!

While I didn't have many nice pictures there, at least I made some great memories there.

Looking at these beautiful pictures, it's easy to see why so many others make this trip~

When we were done, we were super hungry so we grabbed some pies from the convenient store nearby but sadly, they weren't as good as I thought they would be. A little something to fill our tummy, at least till we reach Port Campbell.