Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 1: Great Ocean Drive

I've heard so much about the Great Ocean Drive prior to my trip and hence was pretty excited for it!

I knew that the trip was going to be a long one......on windy roads that provided a great view of the ocean.

I was lucky that the weekend that I arrived was a long weekend in Melbourne......which meant that both Pancy and cousin could accompany me on this trip. Well, cousin did have to take one day off from work as we left on a Friday~ *gomen*

Along the way, there were various point for people to park their cars and walk down to the beach. The weather was really nice that day, except for a little drizzle. But it was super windy and hence, really cold for me!!! 

I'm totally not prepared for the Melbourne weather as I basically just removed everything from my carry on to Genting and transferred them in to a bigger luggage to be brought to Melbourne. I didn't have much time to pack before I fly....

This here is a funny picture because I was posing for the longest time while waiting for Pancy to snap a pic of me and suddenly the waves just hit me from behind! As if I wasn't cold enough, I felt even colder after that! Omg....soaking wet jeans + sand!!! What a great start~

This is Pancy, the best driver ever because she drove like 60% of the time through out this trip!

Cousin Yin, who drove the remaining 40%.

I'm so blessed. All I do is just sit in the car, eat fruits and be a brat!

Seriously loving the ocean view. I enjoy the feel of sea breeze blowing at my face while I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the waves.

Everywhere you look and no matter how bad your photography skills can still get a great shot! No kidding~ my skills are pretty bad.

Look at all the different shades of blue in this picture! 

Lol, coincidentally, I was in various shades of blue too~

Here's a tourist shot~

I was trying to fully embrace the cold weather by just wearing a T-shirt~ hahaha.....

Let's go!

After hours of ocean view, we took a different track and ended up with a forest view~

hehee....for a couple of hours we didn't have any internet connection while we were on this trail. Luckily, we had a safe trip~

And here's me, the 1% driver. I think I drove for like only 30mins? before Pancy decided that she could not stand my driving any more and took over the wheels. I didn't get a second chance after that~


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