Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 1 - Umaido, Box Hill

First breakfast......not counting the 2am Melbourne and it's Japanese???

The next morning after I arrive, Pancy and I drove to Box Hill to have breakfast at Umaido and to meet up with my cousin before we begin our Great Ocean Road journey.

This seems to be a newly opened restaurant and it looks promising.

They serve the famous sanuki udon and there's a wide range of fried items available for one to pick to go along with their udon.

Both Pancy and I had the pork katsu curry don which was HUGE!!! I don't think I even finished half of what was served. We should have just shared one~

The rice and curry was good. The pork katsu could've been better. This one here was really thin and I prefer thicker ones.

Some fried items that we ordered....... a vegetable croquette, okomiyaki (yuck! totally didn't enjoy it at all), mushroom tempura which was pretty good.......

.....egg plant tempura which was really good and prawn tempura which was pretty bad as the batter was too thick......

Cousins's udon, topped with an egg. The broth was lovely and so were the udon. 

Lol, I may love japanese food, but I definitely did not plan to have japanese food on the first day in Melbourne. It just somehow happened......

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