Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 2: Triplet Falls, Great Otway National Park

Woke up early on the next day to continue our journey.....

Once again, I was spoiled as my travel mates washed and cut up the remaining fruits for breakfast, all I did was boil water and edit my thesis.

We decided to drop by triplet falls for a hike and along the way, we passed by this nice little area~

The air was soooo fresh~!!! Makes you feel refreshed instantly~

Again, it was drizzling slightly but that didn't dampen our mood! In fact, we were super happy and excited!

The roads to the triplet falls are really windy and it's not even a proper paved road. There's also not many cars along the way. At one part, tree branches had fallen onto the middle of the road. We happened to be there with another couple coming from the other side, so we had to clean up the branches before we can continue with our journey.

The triplet falls is one of the iconic sites in the Great Otway National Park. There is a new two kilometre loop walk with raised boardwalks and viewing platforms. This provided amazing views into the rainforest and the falls. The area was also apparently the site of the original Otways timber mill and hence, you'd find displays of remnant artefacts from that era in the area.

Along the hike, we saw a few threes that were super HUGE! Look at that tree trunk~!!!!

Finally reached the viewing platform with  picnic tables~

The view was breathe-taking and definitely worth the hike! As the weather was so cooling, we didn't even sweat!

Even for a person like who's really not made for nature, the hike was easy as the platforms were like stairs. The down hill part was a little scary as I'm afraid of heights and steep steps, but cousin held my hands and hence, we breezed through it~!!! 

Arigatou~ *sniff* if not, I don't know how long it would take for me to travel down those steps as there wasn't any railings. But it brought us deep into the beautiful rainforest!

See, these 2 cuties~

Pancy snapped majority of these pictures.

Address: Great Otway National Park, Phillips Track, Beech Forest, Victoria 3237
Duration: 1 hour return

You can park your car at the Triplet falls car park. 

There's also a toilet there which does not come with a flush!!!
First time using such a toilet.......but I guess you can't expect any proper plumbing there. 

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