Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 2: Twelve Apostles

Yay~ The twelve happy to be finally here! 

The 2 day drive, all just to be here~

The view was magnificent~!! Nature is truly amazing!!

The wind was super strong when we were there. It felt as though the wind was almost strong enough to blow me away. Hence I had my hair in a very unglamorous bun to keep my hair in place.

Super envious when I saw pictures that my friends too when they were there at about the same time as I was too. They all looked good in the pictures, neat hair with a nice background and all~ But mine? So not glam!!!!

These beautiful shots were snapped by Pancy!]

I couldn't share any of mine here because all the pictures that I took had my fingers in them!!! Travelled so many hours just to be there and I took a bunch of crappy pictures~ ARRRgggghh!!!!!

Why~ why~ why did I decide to put my hair in a bun like this! I wished I had more better looking pictures. Sigh~

Oh, here's 2 pictures that were snapped by me!

Yes!!!! Finally one nice pic!!!

While I didn't have many nice pictures there, at least I made some great memories there.

Looking at these beautiful pictures, it's easy to see why so many others make this trip~

When we were done, we were super hungry so we grabbed some pies from the convenient store nearby but sadly, they weren't as good as I thought they would be. A little something to fill our tummy, at least till we reach Port Campbell.

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