Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mother's Day

Throw back on Mother's day dinner last month.

Bringing mum to Jyu Raku for the first time.

Mum ordered a super huge dinner set...besides the usual salad, fruits, chawan mushi and pickled radish, it came with unagi and sashimi!

Of course, mum couldn't finish it even though she enjoyed the food~ Dad ate the other half!

This salmon oyako don is mine! Yummeh~ with some squid slices and tamago! :D

This tempura set is what Dad orders every single time! hahaha....that's because he's afraid that other things might have some raw fish slices in them or nori! At least, he enjoys this meal~

After this, we went to hunt down Sangkaya at SS15 for some desserts~!!! A first for us and omg....it was soooo good! I especially enjoy the coconut ice cream with the roasted coconut flakes and peanuts! Must get myself more~

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