Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 1: Sydney


Hello Sydney~

Met up with Jm at the airport and off we got to the city!

But before that......omg, all the silly mishaps here and there! 

We were trying to buy tickets using the ticketing machine and JM kept telling me that I must've pushed the wrong buttons as the ticket price was really expensive, so we tried a different machine and the price was still same! Eventually, we went to the counter and turns out that the tickets were really that expensive! So embarassing~

We decided to stop at Wynyard station. Turned right from the station, walk for about 20 m and we came into this street on the left with a Greek Restaurant called Athenian.

Address: 11 Barrack St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

We ordered the taramosalata (fish roe dip with caviar and olive oil) & tzaziki (garlic, cucumber and yoghurt) dips (AUD9).

I'm so in love with taramosalata~!!! Where can I buy this in Malaysia?

Greek pita bread (AUD2.2 per serving).....I think this was like 3 servings? The waiter had a shock and advised us that it would be a lot and true enough.....we were basically stuffing ourselves with pita afterwards!! But it was super good!

Lamb souvlaki (AUD26)
Nothing to shout about, the lamb was dry and tough.....and the fries were under seasoned according to JM who kept adding salt and pepper to it.

Complimentary sweets.....no idea what this is. hahaha......we ate it cuz it was free!

Such a high class place and we dragged our luggages in there for lunch~ hahaha.....

Outside, a very nice passer-by offered to snap this pic for us

Feeling unsatisfied, we tried to snap one from an office window~

After our late lunch, we met up with JS who was having a class nearby. We took the bus back to her place, left our luggages there and got a very nice tour of Sydney by JS and Daniel.

Here we are by the Harbour Bridge~!

Crossing the bridge....but not on top! hahaha....

The Sydney Opera House~

Soooo pretty~

I really like this view, I can totally understand why some people would walk across the bridge everyday for work.

Here we are enjoying a drink at the Rocks~

Explored around the area as we waited for our dinner reservation and spotted a bunch of guys performing street dance.

For dinner, JS recommended Hurricane's Grill at Darling Harbour.

Address: Harbourside Shopping Centre, 433-436 Darling Drive, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

1 whole rack of bbq prok ribs over some perfectly fried fries~ omg.....love these so much~!!! 
I feel hungry just looking at this!

1/2 rack of bbq lamb ribs with a baked potato! Omg! these were even BETTER!!! Absolutely love the lamb ribs~~ sooo JUICY~!!!! Best thing I had in Sydney!

After dinner we enjoyed some really good fireworks at the Harbourside, Darling Harbour. A MUST SEE attraction~!!!

After that we stopped by Gelato Messina for some yummy gelato~! and what interesting flavours they have!

I had the Dulce de Leche which was yummy~ 

Spotted Adriano Zumbo there too~!

Then off we went to visit the casino at The Star~

After that, we got another night tour of the city in Daniel's car which I missed 80% of because I dozed off~! Lol.....but really, we're super thankful to JS and Daniel for hosting us!

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