Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 3: Churchill Island Heritage Farm

First stop after lunch was the Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

Address: 246 Samuel Amess Drive, Churchill Island VIC 3925, Australia

We arrived right before the working dogs show time.

Such interesting roots~

While the others were watching the dog show, I was occupied with handsome here.

Who dares messes with me!?

Look~! :)

Next up, sheep shearing~

The area stinks.....

He is definitely skilled but I wonder how does the sheep feel?

omg......soooo FAT!


Farm life is really not for me~ but Pancy seems really happy! hehehe.....

I think it's her dream to own her own farm....

If you like animals, you should definitely visit. There were many activities available and there's also a cafe there. There were many tourists and families when we were there as there's something for everyone to do there.

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