Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 3: Penguin Parade visitor centre summerland beach Nobbies

Stopped by the beach again~ 

Every single time we're at the beach I wish that I brought my swimsuit so that I can swim in the beautiful waters but no.....I didn't bring any because I thought that it would be cold. But then there were still many people swimming in the yea, bummer!

Pancy with a selfie stick which was really useful.... situations like these~

Look at the number of people there~ huhuhu...

Everything was soooo inviting that we had to get our feet on the sand and into the waters~ Ahhh! it felt sooo good!

Next, we stopped at the Nobbies.

The lady who worked there advised us to grab an early dinner before the tour buses arrive as it would be crowded by then and it was not advisable to go somewhere else or we'd might miss the parade.

So we listened to her advise and had dinner there. I ordered the curry chicken rice and added a teppan salmon.

Why did I order a curry chicken? Well...that's because many others there were having this this and I thought that was a good sign. Moreover, other things on their menu didn't catch my attention....I was getting sick of fried seafood and pies.....

Pancy had the grilled chicken with a piece of tilapia. 

Guess how much I paid for 2 these 2 plates? AUD48!!!

That's like RM130!!! I can have like 10 really good banana leaf rice!!! 

Instead I had some horrible cooked chicken curry, a piece of tasteless salmon, an under seasoned chicken and a sad little piece of tilapia!! 

And that rice! It was horrible~ the texture and the taste of it! 

It was then that I decided that I'm not going to order anything that comes with white rice ever in Melbourne.

Western curry puff? hahaha.....

Not sure how much this costs, but at least it was cheaper than the rice dishes.

And, at least the fries tasted ok~

View was amazing at the Nobbies board walk~

After that, we went to the Philip Island Nature Park.

Address: Phillip Island Nature Park Summerland Beach, Ventnor Road Phillip Island VIC 3922

Sooo many cute penguin stuffed toys~

er.......penguin pooh anyone?

so cute~ the little one in a pink sweater!

Right before the sun set, we headed outside to sit by the beach to watch the sun set and wait for the little 30 cm penguins to arrive. No pictures and camera flashes would scare the penguins. 

It was freezing cold outside as the wind was very strong. 

The little ones were super cute. As they're only 30 cm tall, they looked really tiny from far and it's kinda hard to spot them as it was dark. On the way back from the beach, you can view the penguins from up close as they rest on the grass. Not sure why but some how the penguins sounded like cats.

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