Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 4: Philip Island

Early in the morning, the shared area was totally empty. Look at the huge lounge area,equipped with TV and pool table.

This here is the kitchen plus dining area. You are free to use the cups, pans or whatever cutleries you can find in the kitchen. But food labelled with names are off limits.

Other that these, there's also the PC and movie room, but all the facilities aren't 24 hours though. I think they close at 10pm, including the kitchen.

Here's Mama Pancy preparing breakfast for us~

No I'm not being anti social, I'm just working on a separate table~

After breakfast, we packed up everything and continued our journey. I feel bad for whoever was sleeping on the lower bunk bed, cause I kept climbing up and down! I think he must've been cursing~!!

Stopped by the Pyramid Rock Road.....

Only Yin and I were sampat enough to get down for a short walk. It was drizzling and the wind was strong but nothing can dampen our moods.

The Pyramid Rock~

Look at our happy faces~ hehee~

Once again, the coastal view is beautiful.

Next up was the Koala Conservation Centre at Cowes

Address: 1810 Phillip Island Tourist Road, Cowes, Phillip Island, Victoria 3922, Australia

While it was nice as you get to see quite a number of koalas. I think we saw almost 10?

But as you can see, they're all sleeping~

You can also spot some wallaby

It was interesting to observe them from afar.

This is the closest we got to a koala

Sleeping so soundly~ and omg soooo cute!!! I wanted to hug it!

There's also a fake awake one in the centre....

After that we stopped at another look out point. No idea where I was....

But at least, we've got some good views there.

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