Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 6: Breakfast at Pancy's

Mama Pancy cooked brunch for me again! hehehe......

What's that fluffy looking thing? Soufflé egg~!!!

It's the first thing I've seen or tried anything like it! And it tastes amazing! fuwa fuwa~ :D *so happy*

Before we left the house, Mama Pancy had to make lunch for her dada first......some sandwiches with the fuwa fuwa eggs~

Poor Lulu looking guilty here~ sorry gal, but no fuwa fuwa eggs for you....only plain bread today!

Right after brunch, we went for lunch! Yes.....lunch!!!! We went for lunch with Pancy's ex-colleague at a vegetarian restaurant! So much for saying that I do not want any Asian food while I'm in Australia~ 

Here is my new friend, Lily~  Lol......

Claypot tofu~ This was super good....I swallowed 1 bowl of rice with just the gravy alone~

Fried beancurd~

After that we went for some groceries shopping and I managed to buy some Adriano Zumbo tim tams~!!! Super excited! Salted caramel and Red velvet!!! *yummy*

After that we stopped by Mirabellas to buy some big and juicy strawberries. Then it was movies~ time for me!

Pretty sums up what I do majority of the time: Eat, rest, eat, rest and eat again!

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