Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7: The Lion King show

First thing in the morning was to meet up with an Aunt at pancake parlour for breakfast before she heads off to work. 

Hot chocolate with marshmallows~ sooo fattening but good for the soul~

Breakfast set is huge~ Lots of juicy bacon which went well with the pancakes. 

But, I've had better at Pancy's! kekeke..... please look out for this super Chef if she does open up her own cafe in Melbourne~

I just cannot get enough of these super simple, but fluffy pancakes. While the savoury ones are good too, I need them sweet with ice cream and maple syrup~!!! Plus, it's a good way to end the meal.

After that, was another round of breakfast for Pancy, as she was craving for kolomee and I was reluctant to have any Asian food! So I just sat down and watch her eat.....

After that, we went to check out some Korean mini marts and head back home to freshen up for the night.


We went to Fukuryu Ramen at Chinatown at Corrs Lane for early dinner.

I ordered their signature tonkotsu~ Taste was good and I enjoyed it!

I think that every one's favourite ramen depends on the individual's taste. I'm a fan of tonkotsu because I love the strong flavour of the soup from the pork bones. I'm a tonkotsu girl~! Meanwhile, others may like shio, miso or shoyu.

When we were they, they had this promotion where we can get a free green tea ice cream each if we post a picture of ourselves with the ramen on instagram. Whee~ :)

It was cold outside (for me, at least) but it was just a great feeling to be eating ice cream while walking outside! hehee.....we had to rush because we were afraid that we'd be late.

Yay~ The Regent Theatre!!!!

I was super excited (like a little girl)!!! Cousin bought the tickets for us last year and I'm glad that she asked if I would be interest! 

The Regent Theatre looks amazing on the inside~!

Met up with Yin, who came from work and didn't had time to grab dinner~

A picture with the lioness~

No I didn't not try and snap any picture of the show.  It's not allowed and I was too busy enjoying it. I love all the dance scenes! They danced so gracefully~ even the fighting scenes looked graceful somehow. The music, costumes, choreographies, singing and stage were all amazing! 

Such an amazing experience~ :D

Rafiki looks amazing~ I've become a fan of her singing and interesting character!

The verdict: IT'S SUPER GOOD!!!! GO WATCH IT~!!!! <3 <3 <3 

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