Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ichiban Izakaya 1U

Dinner at Ichiban Izakaya, 1U

This here is their famous kirin beer. Actually only 2 person on our table drinks but it is cheaper to order 4, so we ended up with this on our table! hahaha.....

The frozen foam top was pretty interesting, almost like some sort of shaved ice!

A nice waiter helped us snap some pictures

It's been 6 years since we've graduated! Time flies.....

We ordered several dishes to share between us. Here's what we had:

Salmon salad

Some maki that's topped wit scallops, crab sticks and tobikko. This was actually pretty yummy.

Prawn tempura

The saba fish was good too.


Ika~ this was grilled nicely.

Tham's fruit juice~

A tempura style maki. The taste was actually not too bad but the rice used in all their maki was just too soft and mushy.

Another maki topped with hotate~ which was delicious~

Spicy salmon maki. This was too spicy for my liking.

Some yakiniku items, This is the chicken asparagus if not mistaken.

Overall, the experience food was pretty good, if only the rice was cooked better.  

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