Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 13: Sick day & Pot luck dinner~

As I wasn't feeling well today, Pancy made me breakfast in bed *sniff*

No pic of my yummy breakfast as I was too sick to move a finger.

For lunch, we met up with an aunt for Italian lunch.

We had a simple pasta with ham and a pizza to share among the 3 of us~

After lunch and some shopping in the area, I totally KO at Pancy's house till dinner.

It was a potluck dinner at Peng's place and I was supposed to make the lavender cheese cake but I was so sick that Pancy had to make it for me.

Peng's friend was super nice~ they too brought their own dishes for the pot luck! While this is only the 2nd time I'm meeting them, they were super nice and friendly~

Firstly, a group pic before dinner

If only, I wasn't feeling sick, I would have eaten so much more as the food were super good!

Ling made a super yummy salad, Pancy baked the super cheesy lasagna and cheese cake, Peng made a delicious lemon tart, Eric cooked up an amazing pork dish and salmon soup, Peter whipped up a superb tiramisu and lastly, he whom I forgot his name bought some Asian pastries!!! I was the most useless person on the table~ :(

As I was nauseous, I didn't get to try any desserts at all :(

Can't believe I miss out on all the good food! But at least I felt better quickly after desserts and we managed to enjoy some board games together!

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