Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 2: Sydney: Bondi Beach, Sydney Fish Market

After a lovely breakfast at home, JS brought us to Bondi beach~

Unfortunately, it was drizzling slightly when we were there

But the views were still amazing~

Probably due to the not so good weather, the beach was relatively empty

Lol~ the wind was super strong too~

Next up was the Sydney fish market that I've heard so much about~

True enough, the place was packed with tourists and fresh seafood.

I spotted this stall and decided that I had to try this~ just look at it~ Scallops + cheese + ebiko + rice~ perfect combi!!!


Some sushis too but we skipped them for fresh sashimi~

Here's what we bought for the 3 of us. 
Fresh scallops, salmon and tuna; fresh oysters; grilled scallops, fried calamari and chips~

The scallops were the best I've had, juicy and super sweet! The salmon were lovely too but there's no fresh wasabi to with them and the only ones provided were already drenched in soy sauce. The tuna was yummy too but I'm not really a huge fan. Didn't try any oysters but heard that they were tasty. The calamari and chips were just ok, but they were a nice combi with the rest of our cold food.....hahaha.....since they were hot and salty. My favourite is still the scallops~

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