Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 2: Sydney The Grounds by Alexandria & Chat thai

After all that lovely seafood that we had, we visited The grounds by Alexandria~

Look at all the lovely baked goods~

JM & I selfie-ing with JS in the background....

The concept of this place is really interesting~ There's little stalls set up everywhere. You buy your food or drink and just pick a place to sit anywhere~

There were also flowers being sold in the area

Look at the alfresco dining area

The pretty ladies~

Is that just the cutest cup of coffee ever?

That chocolate tart was super yummy~ wish I could have some of it now

There's a little farm area there and this really works well among families with young children~

After that, we went for some shopping and JM totally ko-ed on us before dinner~

Chat Thai
Address: Shop 5, Lower Ground Floor/ The Galaries, 500 George Street, The Galeries, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Pad thai

Sticky rice with durian...such an interesting combo! Lol.....having all the Asian things here~

sweet coconut milk infused sticky rice~

The pah thai was tasty and so were the desserts which I think were better than the ones that we can get here. While I'm not a fan of sticky rice, I do think that the desserts were delicious and interesting~

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