Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 3: Sydney Manly Beach

Our comfortable beds~ We slept really well every night...

Early in the morning, we stopped by Pie face for some pies~

Look at all those faces~

A chicken pie with green peas, potato mash adn mushroom gravy

The taste was ok~ Not really a huge fan of meat pies! But because pie face was just everywhere, we had to give it a try!

It was super windy and cold that morning~

We took a ferry from Darling harbour to Manly Beach~

There we met an interesting American traveller....

....who told us he was given 2 weeks from his wife for his travels ~ hahaha....and that it's almost time to go home!

The view was just amazing~

Though at some point, it was kind of scary because of the waves.....

Spotted this cutie at Manly Beach and it's owner was nice enough to help us snap some pics~

Look at that smile~

After shopping around at cotton active, we went to Max Brenners for some yummlicious chocolate~

The one above was the hot chocolate (AUG5.5) and the one below, italian thick dark chocolate (AUD6)~

No more italian thick for me as it was just tooooo thick to my liking, almost to a point where it's undrinkable. I had to enjoy it with a spoon instead.

We also had the choc nut fudge brownie with ice cream (AUD8.5)~ Yummy!

Time to take the ferry back~

The sampatness in us brought us out just so we could snap some pics with the Sydney Opera House from a different view~

Next, we walked to the Opera House and there were soooo many tourists there!!

Love this pic~

Along the way, there were many cafes where one could just order a nice cup of coffee/ beer and enjoy the scenery~

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