Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 3: Sydney Opera House & Crocodile Pizza

Hello there~

What are you looking for?

Sydney Harbour Bridge~

The Opera House~

Lol~ our attempt to walk towards the Royal Botanical Garden

We gave up half way and decided to grab some food instead~

I came across this restaurant from Chika's Vlog on her Sydney trip some time ago and dragged JM with me to this place - The Australian Heritage Hotel

Address: 100 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia

We ordered a 1/2 pizza of Pepper kangaroo (AUD25.9 for regular) and Saltwater crocodile (AUD26.5).

hahaha....kangaroo meat marinated in native pepper with roasted capsicum and cranberries. The crocodile meat was marinated in a spicy coconut cream and fresh Thai herbs with spinach.

Kangaroo meat reminded me of beef but thank goodness they were heavily marinated so I had no problem with them. Meanwhile, the crocodile meat tasted like chicken! Overall, they are both interesting pizzas to try out if you do drop by. 

Lol, JM checking out the inside of a public toilet

And it's huge!

After that, we walked back to Darling Harbour~

Not just so we could get some nice pictures.....

......but because we had an ulterior motive!

For this!!!

Hurricane's Grill at Darling Harbour!
Address: Harbourside Shopping Centre, 433-436 Darling Drive, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

JM trying to get her google map to work offline....

We came back for the best lamb ribs we've ever had!!! Succulent and absolutely delicious! I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW TOO!!! A must have if you do drop by Sydney~!

After that we grabbed some mararons as dessert and also as gifts for JS and her family!

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