Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pasta Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid

Lunch at Pasta Zanmai!

The ever so comforting mini omu rice topped with teriyaki chicken. It's just like comfort food~

 Horensou and asari pasta in tomato sauce which I thought was the lightest and most refreshing dish compared to the others.

Prawn tempura pasta in goma sauce. My favourite goma sauce!

A mini pizza topped with onsen tamago. I always enjoy this dish as I like the thin crust of the pizza and the sweet sauce matched with the yolk of the onsen tamago!!

It's been months since I've visited, sorta missed the food here hahaha.....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yuzu, Gardens Midvalley + Antipodean

Lunch at Yuzu again!! :D

hehee......a must order there is their chirashi don because it is absolutely amazing!!! Look at it~ *drooling at the moment*

After lunch, it was time to cool down with some healthy fruit juice from Antipodean.

Friday, September 25, 2015


A little gelato to help sweeten up the day :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sri Nirvana Banana Leaf Rice

Third time having banana leaf rice with Mish~ it's like our ritual every time she returns from Japan.

This time we went to Sri Nirvana at Bangsar.

The 3 of us opted for the chicken briyani set~ which as you can see, is HUGE!!! But we finished everything!! :D

After that it was time for some desserts.......

We had Magnum ice cream at Midvalley~

A second visit for me and I think I chose the exact same topping as the first time I visited the cafe~ hahaha......

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

この恋にさよなら Lyric translation

Found this song on youtube and felt that I could really relate to the lyrics, hence I did a lyric translation for it as none could be found online.




**一人きり泣いて泣いて泣いて もうあなたを愛せないって泣いて
これ以上一緒にいたら お互い駄目になってしまうから
終わりにしよう この恋にさよなら

**I cried, cried and cried alone, as I no longer love you, I cried
Puting aside the tears and memories
If we continue to be together, we would both be useless
Let's end and say goodbye to this love

**お前と二人 いつも寄り添うピッタリ 描いてた幸せな未来
夜空に瞬く夏の星座 来年も一緒に観れると思っていたよ
大切にすると誓ったのに 何一つ与えられなかった恋

With you, as we snuggled perfectly together, drew up plans about our happy future together
We promised to observe the twinkling of the summer constellations under the night sky together next year
I was spoiled by your kindness which I thought were meant to be
Even though I had vowed to cherish you, I had not contributed anything to this relationship

(嫌いになった訳じゃない) 誰より分かり合っていたのに
(すれ違う心) 出逢ったあの頃 こんな日が来るとは思わなかった

(It's not that I hate you) We understood each other better than anyone else
(As we grew a part) When we first met, I never thought that this day would come 


小さな事降り積もって いつの間にかお前を傷つけていた
二人の絆深まった でもそれ以上に傷は深かった

To me, it maybe a casual remark or tiny broken promises
But as these little things pile up, I have unknowing hurt you
While there have been lots of fight, each time
our bonds strengthened but on top of that, our scars also deepened

(あなたは夢を叶えて) お前がいなきゃ何も意味がない
(揺れ動く心) 愛し合った事も共に歩んだ日々も過去に変わって行く

(Go realize your dreams) If you're not here, it doesn't mean anything
(A trembling heart) Days where we love each other and walk along each other have passed


(多すぎる思い出が行く足を止める) もう一度だけ信じて欲しい
(あなたに出逢えて本当に良かった) こんな駄目な俺だからお前が必要なんだ

(I have to stop relieving these countless memories) I want to believe in it just once more
(I'm truly glad to have met you) I need you as I am a useless person


思い切り泣いて泣いて泣いて もうあの日に帰れないって泣いて
ため息 虫の音に溶けていく
通い慣れたこの道を 戻る事は二度とないでしょう

I cried, cried and cried my hardest, as we can never return to that day, I cried
My sigh, which fused with the sounds of insects
This street that I have become so used to travelling to, there's no other reason for me to return right?
The first star of the night is sparkling in solitary

何をするにもいつでも二人だった うまく行かない時もお前とだから
乗り越えて来られた 厚い雲も晴れた 他の誰かじゃ駄目なんだ
まだ間に合う やり直せるはず 胸に残る思い出の数々
俺の知らないその先へ 行かないでこのままそばにいて

Everything that we did, we did them together. Even when things weren't going well, but because I was with you
I was able to overcome them. When I'm with you, even cloudy days turned sunny, this would be impossible if it was with another person
Maybe there is still in time to repair things, as I recall all the memories
Towards a destination that is unknown to me, please don't go and stay by my side

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bangoya, Jaya One

Finally visited Bangoya at Jaya One.

We were there early and got really good seats.

My cute little shishamo which tasted great after grilling (1 for RM3)

Pork neck (RM10) which was too chewy to my liking

Pork misoyaki (RM10)....yum! this was delicious!!

Brinjal (RM3) and shiitake mushrooms (RM3) yakiniku, These were already grilled and were good~

Onion salad (RM6) which was quite refreshing

Pork ribs (RM10). The taste was good but I did a super bad job in BBQ-ing them that everything was burnt! lol~ in the end, there wasn't much that we could eat.

Buttered hotate & enoki (RM18) which came in like this soupy thing. I didn't really enjoy this dish.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bonbori, Setia Walk

Back at Bonbori again~

A's salmon oyakodon~ just look at the amount of salmon that's piled on the rice!

D's chirashi don! Looking good too with lots of  sashimi.

My mixed tempura was delicious....

....and so was the shishamo~

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hokkaido Tarabagani Ramen

Hokkaido Tarabagani Ramen

A packet of concentrated soup stock and noodles~

The soup stock is sooo concentrated that it's sufficient to make a 2L soup. You can even add various condiments to it when you cook it but I was lazy and hungry~

So I only cooked the noodle with the soup as it is with some crab sticks~

The noodles were lovely and springy. The soup was extremely flavourful and it felt like I was wasting the beautiful soup stock by making such a small amount when it could make a 2L soup that could be cooked with a lot of different vegetables.

I definitely need to buy more ramen from Japan!!! And next time, I will not waste the soup stock~!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Panchos Mexican Taqueria, Mid Valley

First visit with the girls~

And we ordered so much food to be shared among us. Here's the 3 of us cutting up the food and distributing them.

A very happy looking Jas~

Some soft tacos

Hard tacos


We also ordered a burrito and separate serving of salsa, whose picture we totally forgot to snap! hahaha.....

Overall the food was ok. I really enjoyed the burrito and the nachos~! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015


It's interesting how a simple quiz on fb can give such accurate results sometime. By chance or by luck, I found it to be quite accurate for this point in my life now.

I like uniquely creative....and their interpretation seems to fit.

"The main things in life for you are your intuition, wisdom, joy, satisfaction and curiosity. The world for you is full of mystery, and is made up of so many different things, situations and people which are all constantly stimulating your imagination. Your life is painted in a multitude of beautiful colours, and you're always looking at it through the prism of creativity. You can turn anything that happens to you into something positive, and you never look for simple answers to life's questions. You live your life in constant anticipation of experiencing something new and wonderful."

Now that was a lovely interpretation of the personality type :)

That was followed by this paragraph of the present....

"However, at the moment you feel a lot of aggression inside. It's possible that recently you've been experiencing a lot of negative emotions and have the desire to finally resolve something that's been bugging you for a long time. You need to calm down and relax. The time has come to do something new. You have the ability to draw a huge amount of strength from yourself, whilst at the same time remaining a tender and loving person."

It is true, I've been experiencing a lot negative emotions recently as the desire to find out the answers to calm my soul is growing stronger by the day, but there is definitely no aggression. How can there be when there is so much love to it? Is this a sign that I should seek out my answers and move on to do something new too?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Marutama Ramen

First time trying the ramen at marutama ramen and it was not bad but somehow, I prefer pork-based soup compared to chicken-based.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beautiful lyrics

I've always liked this song - 

by 東方神起 because of the beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics. 

I've always liked the chorus part of this song, however last night I realised just how sad but beautiful the last few sentences are.....

君が僕のそば 離れていっても
永遠に君が幸せであること ただ願ってる

This translates to......

Even when you are not by my side, I will always pray for you to be happy (No matter how lonely or sad I may be)

I'm sure we've all been through this stage before.

This song is about a guy who wondered why did he end up falling for the love of his life. He thought that even as time passed, she would always be by his side. But somehow, she has chosen a different path. Though his feeling grows for her every day, he knew that they would never reach her. 

When they first met, it seemed as though he had known her before because they just became close naturally. As they were always together, he just thought that it was natural for her to be by his side.

Then this special day of hers arrived. There she stood, beaming with happiness and looking beautiful as ever as she makes her vows to God. He wondered how should he send her off as she stood there being blessed, next to another man. He questioned himself on why did he fall for her. As it's too late to turn back time, he wondered about why didn't he grab her hand and snatch her away when he had the chance. He thought about how she should have been by his side but this will never come true now. Even though she is no longer by his side, he will always pray for her to be happy, no matter how lonely or sad he may be.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hokkaido ikasumi ramen

Mum bought some ramen as souvenirs from Japan for me.

Here's one: Ikasumi ramen which is a squid ink ramen in a salt-based soup.

Inside, there's a pack of thin ramen noodles with the squid ink soup concentrate

I didn't put anything in my ramen, except for some fried ko-ebi (small prawns). 

The soup looks kinda scary as it's totally black in colour but the flavour is good. Also, as the soup concentrate is really concentrated and sufficient for a huge volume of soup, you can add in lots of seafood to prepare the soup base before cooking the noodles in it. That way, 2 person can share 1 packet as the amount of noodles is huge too, about double of what we usually get with maggi.

Also, their noodles are of really good quality. Usually when I cook local instant noodles in clear water, they leave behind a lot of wax residue in the water which I have to discard. Fearing the same for these noodles, I cooked them separately in another put and they did not leave any wax residue behind in the water. So they're definitely of better quality. 

Moreover, the noodles are really springy and delicious. Even after leaving them in the soup for a long time, their texture maintained

Highly recommend buying some special instant ramen from Japan to try as they have many interesting flavours that we can't get else where.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lunch at Nichinan Jidoriya, Midvalley

Nichinan Jidoriya

First visit for me~ The deco of the shop was really interesting and they had a shelf where they displayed ultraman figures. So natsukashii~ hahaha....

JM's set lunch that comes with both teriyaki chicken and saba fish. I had the fish and it was good.

I ordered the buta shabu shabu set and it was good though the soup a tad too spicy for me.

Look at how read the soup was!!!

After that, we dropped by Nana's Green Tea for some desserts. As usual, I ordered my favourite kanten slushy!

JM's green tea with green tea ice cream!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Royce Nama Chocolate

My dose of indulgent today~

I have to try to make nama chocolate by myself!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Potato salad

Chicken Wings

Absolutely love the chicken wings, the skin was crispy and the sauce was yummy~

Curry katsu set

My negiorishi katsu set~

Always love their sets~ that came with refreshing cabbage salad and delicious tonjiru~

Never once did I not clean up all the food on my plate when I'm there~

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 16: Good bye Melbourne~!

Last dinner of this trip with the girls and their men~!

The Kodiak Club

Address: 272 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Carl's ordered this and a Kodiak burger (AUD17)

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Balls (AUD10) 
Macaroni rolled into four large balls with plenty of stringy cheese then coated with crumbs and fried. Served with a mild spiced mayo

Kodiak’s famous buffalo wings, half dozen (AUD10), dozen (AUD19) 
Crispy fried chicken wings tossed in American hot sauce. With celery sticks and blue cheese sauce.

Watermelon salad (AUD12)
Wwatermelon, cherry tomatoes, goat's cheese and a little lettuce, with a drizzle of honey rosemary vinaigrette.

Grilled cheese sandwich (AUD4) 
White bread & Kraft singles, toasted with butter and cut in triangles.

Overall, the food was interesting as I've never really had bar food before.

After dinner, we walked past a doughnut shop and spotted this huge giant glazed doughnut!

After dinner desserts at N2 extreme gelato

Address: 329 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

The cute chalkboard menu

I ordered the big fat baklava~
....which came with honey spiced walnuts and puff pastry, served with pistachio praline dusted whipped cream and a syringe of salted caramel. But since I'm not a fan of whipped cream, I opted for mine without it.

Best liquid nitrogen ice cream I've ever had~! I've never quire enjoyed the local ones as the texture was always not that good. But this one here is amazing!!! Plus with all the extra condiments, the gelato was to die for......which explains their long queues~

A perfect sweet ending to my amazing Melbourne trip~!!! :)