Saturday, September 12, 2015


It's interesting how a simple quiz on fb can give such accurate results sometime. By chance or by luck, I found it to be quite accurate for this point in my life now.

I like uniquely creative....and their interpretation seems to fit.

"The main things in life for you are your intuition, wisdom, joy, satisfaction and curiosity. The world for you is full of mystery, and is made up of so many different things, situations and people which are all constantly stimulating your imagination. Your life is painted in a multitude of beautiful colours, and you're always looking at it through the prism of creativity. You can turn anything that happens to you into something positive, and you never look for simple answers to life's questions. You live your life in constant anticipation of experiencing something new and wonderful."

Now that was a lovely interpretation of the personality type :)

That was followed by this paragraph of the present....

"However, at the moment you feel a lot of aggression inside. It's possible that recently you've been experiencing a lot of negative emotions and have the desire to finally resolve something that's been bugging you for a long time. You need to calm down and relax. The time has come to do something new. You have the ability to draw a huge amount of strength from yourself, whilst at the same time remaining a tender and loving person."

It is true, I've been experiencing a lot negative emotions recently as the desire to find out the answers to calm my soul is growing stronger by the day, but there is definitely no aggression. How can there be when there is so much love to it? Is this a sign that I should seek out my answers and move on to do something new too?

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