Monday, September 21, 2015

Bangoya, Jaya One

Finally visited Bangoya at Jaya One.

We were there early and got really good seats.

My cute little shishamo which tasted great after grilling (1 for RM3)

Pork neck (RM10) which was too chewy to my liking

Pork misoyaki (RM10)....yum! this was delicious!!

Brinjal (RM3) and shiitake mushrooms (RM3) yakiniku, These were already grilled and were good~

Onion salad (RM6) which was quite refreshing

Pork ribs (RM10). The taste was good but I did a super bad job in BBQ-ing them that everything was burnt! lol~ in the end, there wasn't much that we could eat.

Buttered hotate & enoki (RM18) which came in like this soupy thing. I didn't really enjoy this dish.

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