Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beautiful lyrics

I've always liked this song - 

by 東方神起 because of the beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics. 

I've always liked the chorus part of this song, however last night I realised just how sad but beautiful the last few sentences are.....

君が僕のそば 離れていっても
永遠に君が幸せであること ただ願ってる

This translates to......

Even when you are not by my side, I will always pray for you to be happy (No matter how lonely or sad I may be)

I'm sure we've all been through this stage before.

This song is about a guy who wondered why did he end up falling for the love of his life. He thought that even as time passed, she would always be by his side. But somehow, she has chosen a different path. Though his feeling grows for her every day, he knew that they would never reach her. 

When they first met, it seemed as though he had known her before because they just became close naturally. As they were always together, he just thought that it was natural for her to be by his side.

Then this special day of hers arrived. There she stood, beaming with happiness and looking beautiful as ever as she makes her vows to God. He wondered how should he send her off as she stood there being blessed, next to another man. He questioned himself on why did he fall for her. As it's too late to turn back time, he wondered about why didn't he grab her hand and snatch her away when he had the chance. He thought about how she should have been by his side but this will never come true now. Even though she is no longer by his side, he will always pray for her to be happy, no matter how lonely or sad he may be.

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