Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hokkaido ikasumi ramen

Mum bought some ramen as souvenirs from Japan for me.

Here's one: Ikasumi ramen which is a squid ink ramen in a salt-based soup.

Inside, there's a pack of thin ramen noodles with the squid ink soup concentrate

I didn't put anything in my ramen, except for some fried ko-ebi (small prawns). 

The soup looks kinda scary as it's totally black in colour but the flavour is good. Also, as the soup concentrate is really concentrated and sufficient for a huge volume of soup, you can add in lots of seafood to prepare the soup base before cooking the noodles in it. That way, 2 person can share 1 packet as the amount of noodles is huge too, about double of what we usually get with maggi.

Also, their noodles are of really good quality. Usually when I cook local instant noodles in clear water, they leave behind a lot of wax residue in the water which I have to discard. Fearing the same for these noodles, I cooked them separately in another put and they did not leave any wax residue behind in the water. So they're definitely of better quality. 

Moreover, the noodles are really springy and delicious. Even after leaving them in the soup for a long time, their texture maintained

Highly recommend buying some special instant ramen from Japan to try as they have many interesting flavours that we can't get else where.

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