Wednesday, September 23, 2015

この恋にさよなら Lyric translation

Found this song on youtube and felt that I could really relate to the lyrics, hence I did a lyric translation for it as none could be found online.




**一人きり泣いて泣いて泣いて もうあなたを愛せないって泣いて
これ以上一緒にいたら お互い駄目になってしまうから
終わりにしよう この恋にさよなら

**I cried, cried and cried alone, as I no longer love you, I cried
Puting aside the tears and memories
If we continue to be together, we would both be useless
Let's end and say goodbye to this love

**お前と二人 いつも寄り添うピッタリ 描いてた幸せな未来
夜空に瞬く夏の星座 来年も一緒に観れると思っていたよ
大切にすると誓ったのに 何一つ与えられなかった恋

With you, as we snuggled perfectly together, drew up plans about our happy future together
We promised to observe the twinkling of the summer constellations under the night sky together next year
I was spoiled by your kindness which I thought were meant to be
Even though I had vowed to cherish you, I had not contributed anything to this relationship

(嫌いになった訳じゃない) 誰より分かり合っていたのに
(すれ違う心) 出逢ったあの頃 こんな日が来るとは思わなかった

(It's not that I hate you) We understood each other better than anyone else
(As we grew a part) When we first met, I never thought that this day would come 


小さな事降り積もって いつの間にかお前を傷つけていた
二人の絆深まった でもそれ以上に傷は深かった

To me, it maybe a casual remark or tiny broken promises
But as these little things pile up, I have unknowing hurt you
While there have been lots of fight, each time
our bonds strengthened but on top of that, our scars also deepened

(あなたは夢を叶えて) お前がいなきゃ何も意味がない
(揺れ動く心) 愛し合った事も共に歩んだ日々も過去に変わって行く

(Go realize your dreams) If you're not here, it doesn't mean anything
(A trembling heart) Days where we love each other and walk along each other have passed


(多すぎる思い出が行く足を止める) もう一度だけ信じて欲しい
(あなたに出逢えて本当に良かった) こんな駄目な俺だからお前が必要なんだ

(I have to stop relieving these countless memories) I want to believe in it just once more
(I'm truly glad to have met you) I need you as I am a useless person


思い切り泣いて泣いて泣いて もうあの日に帰れないって泣いて
ため息 虫の音に溶けていく
通い慣れたこの道を 戻る事は二度とないでしょう

I cried, cried and cried my hardest, as we can never return to that day, I cried
My sigh, which fused with the sounds of insects
This street that I have become so used to travelling to, there's no other reason for me to return right?
The first star of the night is sparkling in solitary

何をするにもいつでも二人だった うまく行かない時もお前とだから
乗り越えて来られた 厚い雲も晴れた 他の誰かじゃ駄目なんだ
まだ間に合う やり直せるはず 胸に残る思い出の数々
俺の知らないその先へ 行かないでこのままそばにいて

Everything that we did, we did them together. Even when things weren't going well, but because I was with you
I was able to overcome them. When I'm with you, even cloudy days turned sunny, this would be impossible if it was with another person
Maybe there is still in time to repair things, as I recall all the memories
Towards a destination that is unknown to me, please don't go and stay by my side

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