Sunday, October 11, 2015

010815 Dinner at Warung Laota Bali

Cousin nicely picked us up from the airport and off we went to grab supper at Warung Laota at Jl. Raya Kuta No. 530, Tuban, Bali.
Phone: 0361 7429068

This place must be famous as it as almost 10pm and there's still a queue outside.

First, a group picture~

They're famous for porridge~

We ordered a few different porridge to share, one seafood porridge (RP 39,000) and two grouper fish porridge (RP 32,500). The porridge were delicious! Thick and smooth~!!!

We also ordered several bowls of fried crullers to be dipped into our porridge! Soo....good. Even the stir-fried vegetables was yummy~

First meal on Bali was good, but not exactly local. hahaha.....

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