Saturday, October 17, 2015

Amazing villa in Uluwatu, Bali

We stayed at this amazing villa for our trip thanks to my cousin~

Enter the main door and you will pass by 2 rooms on the left and this flight of stairs up.

There, you'll pass by another 2 rooms on the left and another of further up, on the right. Here's a view of the pool taken from the porch of the highest room.

I was sooo excited when I saw the pool, that I went for a midnight swim under the stars! Best feeling ever as I've never swam at night before. :D

Inside the room~ resort like~

Early in the morning and the moon is still up

The view......we're so high up!

Here's a view of the porch from the room

You get a nice view of the pool and the entire villa

Down from the infinity pool is a little garden where you can lay and read some books

After my morning swim, I am greeted with this!

View from the dining table

This is the living room where we chill at night

The kitchen~

This is the best place for taking pictures!

I just had to be in it! hahaha....

Picture of the living and dining area from the porch

Hello everyone~ picture time!

Just chill and enjoy the scenery

It's sort of like our usual morning routine.

Wake up, swim, shower, breakfast, TV time and off we go~

The main entrance to the villa

When you enter through the door, an elephant greets you.

Happy mummy & daddy~

More places to chill at, this is the porch of the first room from the entrance.

A pic of the view right outside the villa

Absolutely love this place. 
Wish I could have another opportunity to stay in a villa like this next time! 

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