Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 4: Tanah Lot & Suluban

A outfit of the day shot~

More sight seeing~

Tanah Lot, the sea temple~

The view was absolutely amazing.....

Unfortunately, we couldn't take a closer look at the temple as it was high tide when I was there.

On the way back, we walked past a shop that sells Luwak coffee but what interests us was this....huge bat that was pulling on its own penis!

Walk the other end, and you'll get another amazing view of the temple

Too beautiful~

Look at this amazing view~

When we were there, there was a local artist who took some shots at this same spot here!

Lol.....cousin managed to make some friends with some footballers~

Next up, we headed to Uluwatu

And visited, cousin's boss shop - Ajito Bali~

There we walked down some super steep and narrow concrete steps to reach this amazingly beautiful place which I also spotted in the instagram of Victoria Secret model -Candice~

Of course, I'm no model material! hahahaha

But the view was amazing! Plus when we were there, there were many young girls posing in their swimsuits in the same area while surf enthusiasts brought along their surf boards and headed towards the sea!

This amazing place is called the Blue Point Beach in Bali or Suluban~ For those who love beaches and a picture perfect moment, they should definitely visit this place!

After that, we also visited the beautiful Uluwatu temple at the top of a hill~

There cousin's bottle got stolen by this little monkey~

Again, there was some prayers going on at the temple

Walk up towards the temple and you will be rewarded with this amazing view~

hehee..... :D

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