Wednesday, December 30, 2015


The night before graduation, I celebration by having dinner with family members at Yuzen. Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pics of the food that we ordered as I didn't want to be snapping food pictures in front of my relatives and hence, I only snapped one of my own chirashi don.

I'm super thankful for all my relatives who came to dinner!

Also, thank you to my aunt (YL's mum) who bought this lovely bouquet of roses for me! I absolutely love it! <3

Also, thankful to Aunt Jen who bought this bouquet for me! <3

Another perfume to add to the collection! <3

I'm really grateful to Moon who came to my graduation. She almost teared when she saw me as it seems like I'm all grown up now. But I'm super thankful to her instead for proof-reading my super long thesis. <3

A shot with my batch mate and supervisors!!! Super thankful to them for their advice throughout my journey~ <3

Another one from my supervisor! roses again~ <3


So thankful to my Aunt who came to join us early in the morning and stayed till the end!!!

My only batch mate left~
My biggest supporters ever!!!! <3 them forever~

My graduating batch mates~ Cheers to us~

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tsubohachi Hokkaido Izakaya, Publika

Went to try out Tsubohachi with S at Publika. As usual, with my lousy sense of directions, we took several detours to some weird places before we managed to end up in the correct place!

My pink cocktail~ which was not really my type of drink. hahaha...maybe next time I'll just get a chuhai or sour.

Our delicious pork and leek skewers!

Yummy pork and egg with freshly shredded cabbages at the bottom~

Chicken and leek skewers~

Omg, I super love the leek~!!!

Potato mentaiko yaki~ This was delicious too! First time trying something like this~


Some souvenirs from Japan from S~ Arigatou~!!!

Matcha white chocolate daifuku. Due to my blurness, I didn't know that it was white chocolate inside and thought that it was normal chocolate. Imagine how shocked I was when I took the first bite and found white chocolate inside. hahaha......

This is the halloween pikachu which S got because apparently, during this mixi days, his profile picture was yellow and so his friends called him pikachu. 

I named this cute little one, Pikabou (pikachu + kabocha) S (night) which was a play on S' name but using different kanjis. 

 It's always nice to receive unexpected souvenirs! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Surprise night with the girls

Invited the girls to uni for a dinner experience at the student's restaurant one night. But unfortunately, my reservation didn't go through and so we didn't have seats. But thankfully, the manager/lecturer was super helpful and managed to get us seats while still serving us what we wanted.

Berry smoothie~

Wild mushroom soup~

Seawitch had a different appetizer of fried mac and cheese

Her main of beef~

My chicken main~

Jas also had a chicken main but by another chef

Our desserts of fruit cake with chocolate mousse

Complementary tea~

After that we went for desserts at Donutes where Jas and seawitch surprised me with this!

And this!!! as my Bday and graduation gift!!

Soo happy~ thank you girls so much~!!! <3

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bday moments~ lovely gift in the mail! Strawberry and chocolate cake from Chong.

The best gift from the mail came from cuzzie who sent me an underwear!!! hahaha.....

Early in the morning, I thought of doing something different and requested for McD breakfast! :D's my fillet-o-fish with hash brown!

For lunch, it's chicken and cheese pie from Starbucks and it was delicious~!!!

Both my breakfast and lunch were extremely filling~!!! and sooo sinful~!!!

Then for dinner, Amanda and I went to Yuzu and the Gardens~

Here's our delicious dinner set~!!! Look at it~ looks great and tastes amazing! :D

After that, we had desserts at Madame Waffle at Midvalley! Thanks to Amanda for the treat! :D

Here's our original waffle wtih earl grey and vanilla lavender ice cream, topped with toasted marshmallow, oreo and almonds.

It was definitely a great day~ 

That day was also my last day working at M Uni. So many things happened on the same day for me, so many thoughts and emotions ran through my head.......we chatted about relationships, life and about our future......

Can't believe that I'm already at this age! Time to make more new plans for the future, to achieve new dreams and gain new experiences.

Then during weekend, sensei bought me a cake from Komugi! I'm super thankful! Sensei buys me a cake every year and I just couldn't thank him enough for it! 

Here's my yummy delicious cake~!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bday treat at Jogoya

Mummy's bday treat for me this year~

No time to take picture of the food being served as I was too busy eating! 

So here are some pictures of the things that I had~
First off!! Appetizers!

And that prawn is HUGE!

The cooked items were delicious!

Grilled salmon head!! <3 Absolutely delicious!

And to wash all that down before I continue on with the mains again......first, a chocolate ice cream and then followed by a tart raspberry ice cream!

Mango ice cream~ Rich and yummy~

Right, after that it's time to continue with the mains again. 

Pan-fried cod fish~ Yummy, but I prefer the salmon fish head to this.

A seafood hot pot! I enjoyed the noodles and mushroom with the milky soup.

Another scoop of chocolate ice cream~ hehehe.....

To end it all, a delicious cheese cake~

:D I'm a happy girl!!! 

Thank you mummy~!!!