Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bday moments~ lovely gift in the mail! Strawberry and chocolate cake from Chong.

The best gift from the mail came from cuzzie who sent me an underwear!!! hahaha.....

Early in the morning, I thought of doing something different and requested for McD breakfast! :D's my fillet-o-fish with hash brown!

For lunch, it's chicken and cheese pie from Starbucks and it was delicious~!!!

Both my breakfast and lunch were extremely filling~!!! and sooo sinful~!!!

Then for dinner, Amanda and I went to Yuzu and the Gardens~

Here's our delicious dinner set~!!! Look at it~ looks great and tastes amazing! :D

After that, we had desserts at Madame Waffle at Midvalley! Thanks to Amanda for the treat! :D

Here's our original waffle wtih earl grey and vanilla lavender ice cream, topped with toasted marshmallow, oreo and almonds.

It was definitely a great day~ 

That day was also my last day working at M Uni. So many things happened on the same day for me, so many thoughts and emotions ran through my head.......we chatted about relationships, life and about our future......

Can't believe that I'm already at this age! Time to make more new plans for the future, to achieve new dreams and gain new experiences.

Then during weekend, sensei bought me a cake from Komugi! I'm super thankful! Sensei buys me a cake every year and I just couldn't thank him enough for it! 

Here's my yummy delicious cake~!!!

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