Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bday treat at Jogoya

Mummy's bday treat for me this year~

No time to take picture of the food being served as I was too busy eating! 

So here are some pictures of the things that I had~
First off!! Appetizers!

And that prawn is HUGE!

The cooked items were delicious!

Grilled salmon head!! <3 Absolutely delicious!

And to wash all that down before I continue on with the mains again......first, a chocolate ice cream and then followed by a tart raspberry ice cream!

Mango ice cream~ Rich and yummy~

Right, after that it's time to continue with the mains again. 

Pan-fried cod fish~ Yummy, but I prefer the salmon fish head to this.

A seafood hot pot! I enjoyed the noodles and mushroom with the milky soup.

Another scoop of chocolate ice cream~ hehehe.....

To end it all, a delicious cheese cake~

:D I'm a happy girl!!! 

Thank you mummy~!!!

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