Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dragon-i, Sunway Pyramid

Went for dinner with S at Dragon-i, which was a first for the both of us.

I've always known that they serve good xiao long bao~ so we had to have some!

And it's true, they were delicious, with hot delicious soup inside~

Unfortunately, that was probably the best dish of the night. We also ordered some steamed salted egg custard buns but the custard was over cooked and have already hardened, rather than in a liquid consistency!! Super disappointing!!! While S found them yummy.....I was super disappointed by the fact that they weren't runny!!!! Ugh~

We also had some fried carrot cake and stir-fried noodles which were ok..... 

Probably the next time I visit, I'll try some of their soup based la mien instead.

After that, it was desserts at New Zealand's! Always gotta end the meal with desserts~!

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