Wednesday, December 30, 2015


The night before graduation, I celebration by having dinner with family members at Yuzen. Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pics of the food that we ordered as I didn't want to be snapping food pictures in front of my relatives and hence, I only snapped one of my own chirashi don.

I'm super thankful for all my relatives who came to dinner!

Also, thank you to my aunt (YL's mum) who bought this lovely bouquet of roses for me! I absolutely love it! <3

Also, thankful to Aunt Jen who bought this bouquet for me! <3

Another perfume to add to the collection! <3

I'm really grateful to Moon who came to my graduation. She almost teared when she saw me as it seems like I'm all grown up now. But I'm super thankful to her instead for proof-reading my super long thesis. <3

A shot with my batch mate and supervisors!!! Super thankful to them for their advice throughout my journey~ <3

Another one from my supervisor! roses again~ <3


So thankful to my Aunt who came to join us early in the morning and stayed till the end!!!

My only batch mate left~
My biggest supporters ever!!!! <3 them forever~

My graduating batch mates~ Cheers to us~

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