Monday, December 14, 2015

Japanese Baked Cheese Cake

I wanted to bake 2 cheese cakes with different cookie base one weekend but I didn't have 2 similar sized baking trays and I was lazy to bake it this is what I did!

2 different cookie base together in one tray. The middle line could have been better but I was just doing it all free hand.

My batter~

The baked product!!! Absolutely love it! Because it is essentially just one cake but then I get two different flavours just because of the different cookie base!!! :D

I make this cheese cake pretty often as it is easy and fail proof! Every single time I make it, it comes out amazing!

I used this recipe by Ochikeron. Below is her youtube video showing how it's done! Do check out her other videos as they're all amazing!

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