Saturday, December 26, 2015

Surprise night with the girls

Invited the girls to uni for a dinner experience at the student's restaurant one night. But unfortunately, my reservation didn't go through and so we didn't have seats. But thankfully, the manager/lecturer was super helpful and managed to get us seats while still serving us what we wanted.

Berry smoothie~

Wild mushroom soup~

Seawitch had a different appetizer of fried mac and cheese

Her main of beef~

My chicken main~

Jas also had a chicken main but by another chef

Our desserts of fruit cake with chocolate mousse

Complementary tea~

After that we went for desserts at Donutes where Jas and seawitch surprised me with this!

And this!!! as my Bday and graduation gift!!

Soo happy~ thank you girls so much~!!! <3

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