Monday, December 28, 2015

Tsubohachi Hokkaido Izakaya, Publika

Went to try out Tsubohachi with S at Publika. As usual, with my lousy sense of directions, we took several detours to some weird places before we managed to end up in the correct place!

My pink cocktail~ which was not really my type of drink. hahaha...maybe next time I'll just get a chuhai or sour.

Our delicious pork and leek skewers!

Yummy pork and egg with freshly shredded cabbages at the bottom~

Chicken and leek skewers~

Omg, I super love the leek~!!!

Potato mentaiko yaki~ This was delicious too! First time trying something like this~


Some souvenirs from Japan from S~ Arigatou~!!!

Matcha white chocolate daifuku. Due to my blurness, I didn't know that it was white chocolate inside and thought that it was normal chocolate. Imagine how shocked I was when I took the first bite and found white chocolate inside. hahaha......

This is the halloween pikachu which S got because apparently, during this mixi days, his profile picture was yellow and so his friends called him pikachu. 

I named this cute little one, Pikabou (pikachu + kabocha) S (night) which was a play on S' name but using different kanjis. 

 It's always nice to receive unexpected souvenirs! :)

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