Sunday, January 31, 2016


S is flying back today. We went out for dinner for the last time in Malaysia together 3 nights ago on the 28th. Can't believe that it's been a year since we started communicating with each other on the 4th of January last year.

Met up with him at 5pm as he said that he wanted to do some shopping. It turns out that his company gave him some vouchers which he wanted to use up before leaving. So we went to guy's section and for him a tie before he decided to head to the ladies section as he wanted to get me something. 

He insists that I pick something like a dress or a shirt but of course I declined as it is weird to want or expect someone to buy you something when you accompany them. I guess he thought I was afraid that he'd expect something in return from me and hence rejected his offer because he said that he is not hoping to get anything back from me lol.

Then he decided on sunglasses because apparently Japan has strong sun rays during summer! Next to the sunglasses section was the ear rings section and I decided that I would prefer a pair of ear rings if he insists to get me something. And I found this cute little pair from Oggi~!! Exactly my style~!! heehee..... so I'm happy!

After that he decided to hand over his remaining vouchers to me still! Again, I declined and insisted that he used them! Then back we went to the men's section for more shopping......shirts, boxers, tie pins, card holders, key holders, etc....before he decided to get a Levi's wallet with a super interesting design for use at the konbini!!! Lol~

After an hour later, we went for dinner at Sushi Zanmai where we were initially supposed to order yee sang because I was trying to introduce the Malaysian culture of lou sang to him. However, he decided that we will not order yee sang because from the pictures it looks like just a plate of raw vegetables! ahhh~!!!!

Oh well, at least I still managed to introduce some CNY snacks to him and give him some souvenirs to remind him of Malaysia. 

Then next up was desserts at Gelatomio. Since dinner was his treat, I decided to pay for desserts. If not, zhen pu hao yi shi, you chi you na...

It was another fun outing. I will seriously miss hanging out with him in Malaysia.

All the best in his future undertakings~!!!

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