Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brunei work trip

Right after my Sg work trip, we flew into Miri and traveled by car to Brunei.....

Look who I spotted at the local mall! hahaa.....looks like someone's lost some weight!!!

We stayed at Badi'ah Hotel which was kinda disappointing.

The toilet was not that clean as there were stains here and there!!!

But the room is definitely big.

While I still slept well, it would be better if the room was cleaned better. Also, their pillow was kinda soft and lumpy.

Meanwhile, I missed this snack so much~

Supper happy that I got to meet up with Lina and Liz~

They came all the way to my hotel to grab a meal with me at Delifrance.

Our supper~!!! 
Thank you Lina for treating us~!!!

Another view that I miss~ it seems that nothing has changed much in the last 10 years from this view.....

I'm really glad to have to opportunity to revisit Brunei again~ It will always be a country that holds a special place in my heart!

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