Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Food hunt in Singapore

So happy to be able to visit Singapore again,

I was there for an overnight work trip.

As I got a room to myself, Chong very nicely came to spend the night with me so I won't feel lonely and to catch up!

It was already late after my work and hence, she brought me to this 24h korean bingsu cafe - Nunwongyee at Bugis for supper.

We ordered a black sesame bingsu which was delicious! I love the combination of black sesame with red beans and roasted almond slices!

We also ordered a cinnamon toast which was absolutely delicious! Would definitely love to come back for this!!!

Here's one of Chong and I~

For breakfast the next day, we went to Two Men Bagel House at Tanjong Pagar.

This is Porky: Cheese bagel with Chorizo, Aioli, sunny side up and tomatoes. I really enjoyed this! First time having a bagel like this and I love it!

This here is the Babe: Caramalised onion bagel with bacon streaks, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, melted cheese and parsley. The bacon in this is super juicy but I like the Porky one more!

After breakfast, we dropped by Tom n Toms Coffee where I had the most delicious dark chocolate drink ever~!!!

As if our heavy breakfast and dessert afterwards wasn't enough, Chong bought me this black sesame roll from Tsujiri!!!! Sooo good~ can't get enough of black sesame!

Besides that, I also got this salmon burrito~ *sniff* Chong was sooo sweet to pack this for my lunch!!!

I ate this on the way back to KL and it was good! It's new and interesting to me as it resembles a sushi toll but feels really healthy with all the veges inside!

Thank you Chong for the yummy goodies and visiting me~!!!

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