Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kushiyaki Kuni 串焼邦 at Plaza Damas, Hartamas

We celebrated Amanda's Bday at Kushiyaki Kuni 串焼邦 at Plaza Damas, Hartamas.

It was our first visit there~

Torobuta sumiyaki ponzu RM38.
This pork neck was super good! The meat was.....springy and the onions at the bottom, crunchy!

Surumeika yaki RM28.
We loved this one too as the squid was lovely~

Butabara enoki RM6, Butabara negi RM6 and Buta kushi RM5.
We also ordered various skewers to be shared among us: pork and eringi mushroom, pork and leek, pork belly.

Oden which was delicious but also pricey....This costs RM38.

More skewers: pork with quail eggs and pork with leek. The Uzura bacon costs RM10.

I really enjoyed the skewers~ The meat was grilled to perfection! Juicy and just the sauce that they gave, went really well with the skewers!

After that we went for desserts at Madame Waffle at Midvalley where we ordered 2 sets:

One was the matcha waffle with vanilla lavender ice cream.

The second one is the original waffle with salted caramel ice cream.

To end the night, we went for a movie together. We watched the Frankenstein which starred Daniel Radcliffe! hehee, the first movie I ever watched that featured him ever since Harry Potter.

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