Monday, January 25, 2016

Resort Cafe, Sunway Resort

X'mas celebration with the girls this year was at Resort Cafe, Sunway Resort~

This year we decided to do lunch instead of dinner~

It was my first time at the Resort Cafe and the place was lovely~

As we were there super early, we were the first customers there!

And the plus point of that get to snap pictures of all the food before anyone else destroys them!!! hahaha

So here are some pictures of the food served there for lunch on a Saturday taken my Tham~!!!

The food were all served warm so that was nice~

Surprisingly good~

Always gotta have some satay~

Baked fish!!

Beautiful looking cakes~

Then there's the chocolate fountain which Jas absolutely loved!!!

Some mini tarts and cream puffs.....

And here are some snaps of the food on my own plate~

Really food smoked salmon and bun, which went super well with the hot mushroom soup~!!!

I enjoyed the satay too!

A piece of all the cakes served that day~ Loved the pear tart!

Super delicious berry crumble~ I went back for seconds!

Nasi lemak special~ hehehe......we are all Malaysians after all~

Freshly cooked curry noodles~ The soup was amazing!

They also served chinese soup there and this was delicious! I think all of us had seconds!

Pasta of the day cooked to order~

Some picture of us before we exchanged presents~

Another great X'mas gathering for us filled with good food and laughs~ Can't wait for the next one~!!!

Some group pictures we took at the hotel lobby~

This year I received a gift from Tham and she got mine while Jas and seawitch exchanged gifts.

This is what I got......just what I needed, shower cream!!! for all my travelling needs~

And.....congratulations to Tham who just found out that she has been blessed with a little one~!!! hehehe.....

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