Thursday, January 21, 2016

Singapore trip

For work, we had to drop by Resorts World which was beautiful!! Hope to be back for holidays~

Then at night, we visited Gardens by the bay which was beautiful with all the illuminations~

The best part of's free!

Love this Xmas tree with reindeers~

As you walk further in, you will pass through these stunning structures

Was surprised to bump into cuzzie who happened to be there with his friends~

hahaha, look at the lengths we had to go through to snap a picture!

In this enclosed area is a little stage and when we were there......fake snow starting falling from all sides!! The view was absolutely stunning!

There were so many couples there that night and it is understandable why!

There were also many fun activities for family and friends, such as this one here. No, the lady was not floating in mid air.....

Can you spot the humans lying on the ground? The picture above is just their reflection! SMART!

I spent the night at the Carlton City Hotel near Tanjong Pagar MRT, which was probably one of the best hotels I've stayed at!!

Here are some pictures of my lovely room:

View of the bedroom from the bathroom~

I love this shower!!! Not shown here, but there is also an overhead shower!!

The comfy bed~

The view outside~

Sometimes it's the little things that amenities! hahaha....

Control all the lights in the entire room at once? Why not!?

The minibar~

Inside the cupboard~

The view outside in the morning~

Beautiful chandelier at the lobby~

The X'mas tree deco~

Overall, it was a great stay as the hotel was clean and the showers were amazing!

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