Sunday, February 28, 2016

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie

Tea time at Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie

Black forest cake, macadamia cheese cake and a hazel choc crunch

My favourite is the hazel choc crunch because nuts just go super well with chocolate. Plus the cake is moist and the chocolate not too sweet.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Pasta Zanmai, Paradigm Mall

Dinner at Pasta Zanmai again, before dance class~

Regular sized hotate to kinoko no spicy pasta

Mini ebi tempura gomadare pasta

Mini teriyaki chicken pizza

Complimentary dessert! thanks to Amanda~! hahaha.....

Food was good, except the hotate which were overcooked and hence, rubbery in texture. But the service, excellent! hehee....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

O'Viet, Sunway Pyramid

It was a sudden meet up. I spent the whole day with M and was about to leave the Gardens when S called and asked if I was free for dinner. 

Since I'm already out, why not?

We ended up in O'Viet, Sunway Pyramid.

We both ordered hot drinks which came with some sort of honey or sugar syrup.

My chicken noodle salad which was just ok. We should've known better hahaha....a near empty restaurant on a Friday night is not a good sign.

Definitely not a good night for a meet up as I was super busy with work and had to excuse myself from dinner for about 5 times to call TY san. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Belluno, Brunei

Thanks to God sis and her mum for bringing me to Belluno and treating me to lunch.

Chamomile tea. I like the look of the teapot.

Salted caramel shake it~

Fancy a cup of coffee?

Apple crumble that have been attacked before I remembered to snap a picture. Hehee....but this is good, I really like the crumbly texture of the crust and the apple.

Caesar Salad

I don't think any appetizer can get better than this......Fried mozzarella! <3

New York Bagel~

I like this too because it has all of the things that I like in a single dish~!!!

Lolly's chicken waffle~!!!

First time trying fried chicken with waffles and I enjoyed it.....omg, waffles drenched in syrup, together with the crispy chicken skin......SOO GOOD!!!! 

First time trying mochi wrapped ice-cream~ 

Tried to selfies with the 2 cute little babies....but failed badly as babies don't seem too interested in the camera! hahaha.....

Sooo cute~ can't get enough of their chubby cheeks~

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Food hunt in Brunei

Before arriving at Brunei, I've already mentioned to Lina that I wanted to have these 2 food below And she is so nice! Why? Because she came all the way to my hotel and brought me to get them!!! :D

First off was, Lo San flat nasi lemak. Well of course, there are other nasi lemak that are better than this but it's a taste that I've missed!

Then the next morning, she brought me to Chop Jing Chew for breakfast with her mum where we had their kaya butter toasts. 

Look at the amount of butter!!!

And my fav. peanut bun when I was young!!! hehehe.....I'm a happy girl now!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Times Hotel Brunei

In January, I had another work trip to Brunei and this time we stayed at Times Hotel Brunei.

Here's the Queen bed

Room slippers and laundry bags were also provided

There's a dressing table with hair dryer

Coffee table where we had our meals

Complimentary mineral water

The toilet


Overall, the stay at the hotel was comfortable except for the fact that even with all the lights switched on, the room still seemed kinda dark. Room service was good. I like how they provided room service for lunch.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lunch with M

Had lunch with M at Canton-i, The Gardens

Egg tarts

Char Siew Sou

Salted egg custard bun

Char Siew Bao

Chee cheong fun wrapped fried fritters

After that, we went for some local desserts at Jonker Sweets

My pick of cendol looks pretty sad.....and it didn't taste that good too. 

M's ice kacang looks equally as sad......

That will probably be our last visit hahaha......

As if all those food wasn't enough, we headed to TWG for tea! Thumbs up to the staff who served us because he was patient while explaining the different teas to us.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Restaurant Fatty Crab, Taman Megah

I have been craving for crabs and the girls very nicely agreed with me to go for crabs one weekend.

We went to Restaurant Fatty Crab at Taman Megah.

First up, we had some chicken satay.

Then some fried chicken.

An order of fried rice just in case the rest of the food is not enough to keep us full, we can always stuff ourselves with rice.

The star of the night.....CRABS!!!! This is about 1.8kg.

The crab was super good! Big, meaty and delicious~!!!

1.8kg wasn't enough, so we topped up another 900g! hahaha.....

Look at our happy faces~!!!

And omg.......look at that queue outside the restaurant after we had dinner!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

CNY reunion dinner

On 07/02/16, we had our Chinese New Year reunion dinner!

Look at our dinning table~ 8 dishes all together!!! Huat ar~

Our half home-made yee sang which was actually a gift from our neighbour. We just added in some extra pear, pomelo, herb, jellyfish, peanuts and crackers!

Home cooked dishes by mummy! <3

My favourite~

BBQ goose

Gotta have some greens~

A whole chicken

This pic was taken a few days before when mum and dad were busy frying prawn crackers for CNY.

Look at the amount they fried! These are the best prawn crackers ever because mummy made them from scratch! Buying the prawns, peeling them, washing them, mincing them, kneading the dough, steaming the dough, adding colouring, slicing, drying and eventually frying them! Not easy~!!!

The final product~ crispy and delicious prawn crackers!