Friday, February 12, 2016

After class

Went for lunch with H after class at Pasta Zanmai and here's what we had:

Mini teriyaki chicken pizza

I always enjoy their pizza because of the sweet, savoury sauce which went really well with the onsen tamago! And personally, I'm just a huge fan of thin crust pizzas!!!

Mini hotate pizza

Mini ebi tempura gomadare pasta

I've always been a fan of their gomadare pasta and I order this dish pretty often.

Mini teriyaki chicken pasta

I'd say it's a pretty good deal, both sets were RM29 with a mini pasta and a mini pizza! I always prefer the mini set as you get to try more variety with the same price.

We also ordered a plate of tortilla wrapped sushi to share. Unfortunately, we were both not a fan of tortilla wrapper sushi, so we didn't really enjoy this.

Sensei was really nice, as a return for the scarf that I bought him from Bali, he bought this as a souvenir for me from Japan!

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